Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photo #1- The Hendrix Wilcox Family

Day One. I really wanted to start my "Learn Something New" blog on January 1st. Toward that end I did take some pictures, at about eight tonight, of Jack the Delusional Lab, who does not know the difference between a dog toy, a Christmas wreath, and an old milk carton. I have one teeny little problem, however. I got a new camera for Mother's Day. I have used the camera at least twice since May, but I don't know how to take the little card thing out of the bottom of the camera to transfer them to the computer. And neither of the techno gods is at home. So I will have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, in the interest of starting out on Day #1, here is a picture of the Hendrix-Wilcox family, taken by my younger sister on Christmas Day. Son #2 is 15, Son #1, in the hat, will turn 17 in a couple of weeks. I think they are pretty cute.

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  1. Gorgeous family, beloved friends...
    Radiant blessings to you all